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Mon - Sun 24 Hrs a Day !

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24 Hours A Day!


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Our company is always dedicated to providing the best service imaginable.
Our employees are highly skilled, & trained daily to give their best. Our motivation is to see the happiness showing on the client when we have finished our work.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate that we can provide good service & we can guarantee that you recommend us to your friends & family

Our experts use non-toxic and artificial fragrance free cleaning solutions that are safe to be used in households with pets and small children. These days you need a clean home free from harmful chemicals and good for the enviorment.

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Cleaning is a chore. We’re all happy when it’s done — but what else could you do with that time? Let MW Clean Service free you to spend that time with family and friends.

We are a locally-owned company, dedicated to providing thorough and effective service and total customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our ability to have a dedicated team for your home or office sets us apart from the franchises and janitorial services. The service you receive is based on the customized plan we develop together. You can be sure that you will get the service you want, every time.

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We provide interior house cleaning and maid services that will make you happy. Our home cleaning professionals can visit each month, every week, or as often as you wish, to perform specific cleaning chores, do deep cleaning, and ensure that your rooms are spotless.

Move-in and move-out cleanings are a specialty of ours. Get that security deposit back! When our team has finished, your home will be free of dust, dirt and debris. Builders and renovation contractors depend on our residential cleaning service to clean up before their properties go on the market.

Whether you schedule a regular visit or need a one-time deep cleaning, MW Clean Service has the tools and the expertise to make every part of your home sparkle and shine. Take a look at our checklist.

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Happy employees and confident customers make for a growing business. When your office is cleaned by professionals. Your staff and your customers will see the difference when they come in the door, and you will see the difference when you look at the bottom line.

We provide a complete range of janitorial services to our commercial clients. Our overnight crews perform maintenance for retail businesses, medical practices, restaurants, theaters, schools, and many other places where daily cleanliness is a requirement.

Before a business moves into a new space, we can provide a complete assessment and cleaning plan. Our clients can see the difference we make — timely, efficient, and effective service they can depend on.

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woman doing chores cleaning bathroom at home

A company dedicated to the cleaning of homes, apartments, events, among others, with high quality standards in the services provided, thus generating great satisfaction for our distinguished clientele.

For demanding clients like you, at MW Clean Service we are committed to guarantee a totally reliable, timely and quality service. We provide cleaning support at residential and commercial level.

Call us now! Tell us what your goals are and we will elaborate a budget without commitment or you can also do it in the * Book in * part. A specialized cleaning team will help you to perform an agile and efficient work, with the necessary cleaning tools if you wish, being our priority to optimize the working time.